Social Distance Warrior: Make a Difference
Proceeds from each mask sale go to supporting my habit of giving them away to local activists, marginalized community members, and shipping them to groups in need. If you're going to virtue signal by wearing a mask, why not have fun with it and make a real statement? Spread joy, not disease!
  • Two layers of 100% cotton fabric with additional layers of polyester interfacing for additional support and protection;  
  • Exceed health organizations' recommendations of wearing two layers; more convenient and comfortable than wearing two masks; 
  • Filter pocket;    
  • Choose from hundreds of fun and stylish fabrics and appliqué options;    
  • Integrated 304 stainless steel, flexible, washable nose wire;    
  • 360° colourful, 100% cotton ties for better seals and long-term comfort (elastic ear loops available by request);   
  • Children's sizes and Adult sizes up to ones that will fit even your hairiest bear and still pass the "Yawn test"!    
  • Matching accessories for pets and catnip bags made from scraps.
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Masks play an integral role in infection control and prevention of Covid-19 along with hand washing and social distancing.  These are not PPE. Vessalam (go in peace).